The UK and USA today have a ‘special relationship’ born of a common heritage.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Relationship.)

Each hold similar legal, business, religious, political and cultural structures and views. The people of each tend to hold the other in admiration. Both have been world leaders. Both own large proportions of each others business and real estate. Both have been close allies and fought wars alongside each other. Both have had significant immigration from other cultures. We tend to feel each others pain and rejoice in each others achievements. At times we have been said to peacefully invade each other’s country. The cultural closeness of the USA and UK is reflected in the description of the Atlantic Ocean as merely a pond.  

There are significant differences. Some say we are separated by a common language, which can lead to mis-conceptions, even offence. To understand those difference one needs to live in both. The differences can be amusing, interesting, and always revealing. These differences reveal as much about ourselves and they do about the other. Some famous people have made a living from talking about those differences, such Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America to Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Small Island.  

Whilst many visit each other’s countries, most do so for a brief business visit or a holiday.  Relatively few have lived in each others country.

I have a foot in each country, living with friends in each who have visited each other. An Englishman, born in Africa, I’ve studied sociology and psychology, and trained as a teacher where I have published.  The sociology I adopted is predominately European. The psychology is predominately American. My life has afforded me diverse experience in teaching, politics, religion, business, and the numerous people who have generously taught me theirs.

For a decade I have sent an occasional e-mail to friends from ‘this side of the pond’, reflecting my interpretation of events that affect both. The number of readers has steadily grown. Now I’m going public, sharing these reflections with you. My posts can be serious, amusing, revealing and I recognise they are my opinion. I might be wrong and I will always welcome your comment. May we continue to learn from each other.

One of the differences is the way we spell words. So lets not worry about spelling errors too much.

Have fun.


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