Posted by: Martin Scherer | 02/11/2011

Top ten posts

Stats always fascinate me. They may hide a thousands lies, but maybe that’s because they reveal facts we’d really rather not know.

Of my 50+ posts so far, which got most hits? Counting down the top ten are:

10. Marilyn Monroe – Death by psychoanalysis

Good name for searches and I’m pleased to see it in at No 10. I despise Freud!

9. Why do women cry at weddings?

I’m surprised that post is in the top ten. I didn’t think it would interest many. That’s what some women do. The hits started at a trickle but gained steady hits since.

8. Oh dear, another Catholic Scandal

A recent topic rising fast. I can’t say I too surprised by that but not a topic that brings me any joy.

7. Happy Independence Day

I’ve forgotten what that was. So have most people. Lots of hits over a few days

6. Irish bomb threat to London

Again, peaked over a few days.

5. The Devil’s Work: From Japan to Libya via California?

Reflections on earth quakes and God. I guess the high hit position may be due to a curious title.

4. Will the West march into Libya?

The West wisely didn’t and this time showed how to help people liberate themselves. Liberty to Libya!  Let’s hope there are more to come.

3. Sarasota has a dangerous neighbourhood?

Lots of hits on posting and for a few weeks later

2. Its good news week – Why is London burning?

Interest stayed alive for a couple of weeks

1. Sarasota – Terrible poverty and the meanest city on earth?

A critical view of The Economist reporting of British tourist’s deaths in Sarasota. .

This is a real surprise. Surprise to find it the No 1 post with nearly double the hits of No 2.  Surprised to see the same topic in at number 1 & 3 spots.

Posted in June, shortly after No 3, this post started weak built steadily and took off in October. Still gets viewed.

Do the number of hits show the power of exaggerated headlines. I don’t like that. Feels like slapping passers in the face to say, “Hey pay attention to me?” Am I learning what ‘journalism’ is all about?

I’m not at all sure I’m happy about this. Normally I’m a real fan of the Economist and I hope readers got the message – I love Sarasota and find it a very safe place with great people of all races.

Fearful that Sarasotans would lynch me on my return, I snuck in under disguise of an aging hippy. That didn’t take a lot of effort. Ever since I’ve been hiding behind curtains, fearful someone will realise the Devil’s Advocate is here!

Not my top ten

If one wants to write a blog to be read, then readers are the kings. Personally I don’t. I enjoy writing because it causes me to
think about issues aware that someone might read it. I feel I have something of value to say and want to say it if only to the ether.

I’d choose a very different top ten. Of the readers’ choice I’d only include Marilyn (10), Women crying at weddings (9)  and Libya (4). I enjoyed writing ‘Why women cry at weddings’ but the other post I enjoyed the most came in at joint 35th with only 2% of the total hits!  Probably because writing it helped me understand the issue more than any other.


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