Posted by: Martin Scherer | 16/05/2011

Irish Bomb Threat to London

Today the IRA issued a coded bomb threat for London. No time or place is given, just somewhere in central London, sometime today. I e-mailed
my daughter, “Take care on the way home today. Don’t take the tube.”

Give into terrorists and you get more terrorists. The young IRA terrorists of today look up to their predecessors. Convicted , Martin McGuinness
is today the Deputy Leader of the Northern Ireland Assembly.  On a wonderful salary, expenses paid, chauffeur driven, and often on TV.  “That’s
the way you do it, money for nothing, and the chicks are free.” So much for the Blair – Clinton peace plan.

The threat comes on the eve of the Queen’s State Visit to Ireland.

Now what were we saying about shooting Bin Laden? Follow the Irish Peace plan and Bin Laden would be Leader of the Assembly of Northern



  1. very sorry to hear this

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