Posted by: Martin Scherer | 21/04/2011

Another crazy regulation – Best By.

British politicians have finally woken up to the consequence of ‘best by’ dates on food.

Anything food frozen, dried, tinned or bottled will keep indefinitely. Over years, the taste or texture might deteriorate a little, but we smother most of our food in sauces anyway. The whole purpose of a stew or curry is to disguise the lesser cuts and older meat.

Preserving food was what generations did to maintain food over winter, a varied diet over a year and keep the bonus of bumper years for lean years to come. With the advent of Best By, persevered food is discarded within a month or two. Tons of perfectly good food is senselessly thrown away every week. Now the UK is into recycling and emptying bins one once a fortnight, the food lies rotting in bins.

The consequences of this stupid regulation were always obvious

– Increasing living costs.
– Increasing bureaucracy and tax.
– Creating more waste.
– Creating dependence.

The worst of these is creating dependence on big brother government and stopping people from learning to think and judge for themselves. Government regulation treats people like idiots and so encourages people to be idiots. That puts people at greater risk.

The new British Government has now decided to deter the use of Best By labels.

Their action reveals a basic difference between Socialists and Liberal Conservatives. Socialists want to intervene in your lives, control and tell you what to do, and punish you if you don’t. Liberal Conservatives want people to be free, to make their own judgements, and learn what it takes. Every society that encourages its people to be free and independent will be more affluent and happy.

There is a downside to this more rational regulation. There is less bargains on super-market shelves for people like me who never paid attention to Best By dates.


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