Posted by: Martin Scherer | 19/04/2011

Is this a joke? Brown to lead the IMF?

Gordon Brown the last British Prime Minster who virtually bankrupted Britain, now wants to be Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. The organisation whose main role is to bail out bankrupt countries. Is this a joke?

Gordon Brown was never elected by the British people. He pushed Blair out of the way to get the job. Whilst Chancellor Brown promised, there would never be another recession as long as he was in power! Yet by his own admission, he utterly failed to regulate the banks. Brown spent money like there was no tomorrow, especially in his last year desperately trying to buy votes to stay in power. That is a sick joke, as sick as the British economy is today. Virtually everyone in the UK has suffered from Brown’s failing. Many have lost their jobs or their companies. Families are poorer and many will never be able to recover.

Brown’s appointment would be a ‘job for the boy’ and further undermine British confidence in its politicians. The new British Prime Minister who has to resolve the problems left by Brown, says,

Above all what matters is: is the person running the IMF someone who understands the dangers of excessive debt, excessive deficit? And it really must be someone who gets that rather than someone who says that they don’t see a problem.

Well said.



  1. he sold the UK’s gold at the bottom, about ten years ago.

  2. Now the new IMF leader is under investigation, Brown is bidding for the job again. Watch out, the idiot is about.

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