Posted by: Martin Scherer | 10/04/2011

The King is in his castle – Prime Minister put his head on the line over Libya

There is a lot of talk whether Gadhafi is a target or not. Why not? The reason lies in the game of chess. Pawns, knights, castles, bishops, even queens may be sacrificed but never the king. Kings may be cornered, captured or fall on their swords, but they can never be.

That is there unspoken deal struck on each side of the battlefield. I might loose, but I will not be killed. A deal that perpetuates the battle and leads to greater loss of life. If Gadhafi knew he was the prime and first target, he would think twice. Instead, he will sacrifice everything because he knows he will not sacrifice his own life.

So why has Obama upheld the rule, but not the quintessential Englishman, Cameron, the British Prime Minster, who has let it be known, Gadhafi is Cameron’s target.

The moment one chess player breaks the rule; it is fair game for the other chess player to break the rule. Cameron must know he has made himself a target for Gadhafi’s gunmen. That takes a lot of guts.

A few political leaders have had that courage. Regan knew what it was to be the target of an assassin. Regan was close to death, but he hid it from his people. Even then, Regan did not hesitate to target the cause of the Lockerbie bombing.

Thatcher knew what it was to be the IRA’s target. Within hours, she was back at her post. Churchill survived a dozen or so attempts on his life, but he never let it be known to his people.

It is the mark of a true leader who risks his own life by the decisions he or she takes in the service of their people.


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