Posted by: Martin Scherer | 10/04/2011

Libyan stalemate lies in the minds of Western leaders

Libya is two dominant Arab tribes forced to co-exist by colonial boundaries. Cultural boundaries do not have straight lines.

One tribe is in the east of Libya, the other, Gadhafi’s tribe is in the west. It is a simple matter for the UN to establish a de-militarised zone between the two then let each develop as they choose.

Why can’t the leaders of western powers see that? Because they fear the right of people to decide. National boundaries are sacrosanct and must be maintained at all costs. American Presidents feared and went to war to deny the South the right to self-determination. The English fought the Scots for dominance, and still think they can play big daddy in Northern Ireland. France fears the day the Gauls gain any right to self-determination.

Western Leaders fear loss of power if their lands are cut into small pieces. They yearn for a population the size of China. Tell that to the Swiss, Swedes, Dutch, or Australians.

Had the British and Americans learnt from history before marching into Iraq, we would not there today,

The answer to Libya is simple. Establish a de-militarised zone between the warring factions


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