Posted by: Martin Scherer | 10/04/2011

Irish terrorism is back

Last week a Catholic Irish policeman stood on duty at a fun run in Northern Ireland. When the final runners passed, he got into his police car triggering a bomb. Had he taken an earlier break from his duties, a dozen or so fun runners would have been injured or murdered with him.

Martin McGuinness, the former terrorist leader, released from an Irish prison to become a politician, now condemns the terrorism by which he once lived his life. Does Martin McGuinness really believe such condemnation will stop terrorism?

On Saturday, North Irish police found as 500 lb bomb, the kind that ripped the heart out of Omar, injuring dozens and killing fourteen. Obviously, McGuinness failed.

The condemnation McGuinness now delivers to a new generation of Irish terrorists is no different to the condemnation he received from the British, when he an angry murderous young man. It did not stop him. Only prison stopped him. Why does Martin McGuinness think condemnation will stop the next generation of murders? These politicians seem unaware of the causes of terrorism.

Catholics murdered the police officer because he was a Catholic. A catholic who chose to be a policeman. We all know where that path leads. An all-Protestant police force. British troops on the streets of Northern Ireland. Another Bloody Sunday.

Those who murder the police and innocent people, don’t do it for idealistic reason. They do so because they are disaffected, angry people who do not understand the causes of their anger. Such disaffection always increases in times of austerity and poverty. Ireland today has a debt that amounts to £1,200,000 for every man, woman and child of Ireland. That is an impossible debt, created by bankers, but Irish politicians have chosen to force the Irish people to pay it. For the first time since the potato famine, young Irish are getting out. Those who cannot will be very angry. Ireland today is a breeding ground for Irish terrorism. What do the English do, when Irish terrorists target English cities and the British Government as they did before? Send in a jet bomber? March in with shock and awe?

There were riots on the streets of London last week. Angry protest against the austerity now endured by the English. They threw paint and bricks. What is it about Londonderry that makes them believe they are entitled to throw bombs?

The answer lies in religious segregation, which gives Catholics belief in the moral the right to vent their anger on non-Catholics. Religious segregation is maintained through segregated education of the young. Hence, we endure a new generation of Irish terrorists who will not be concerned by moral condemnation of the other side. Anyone who seeks peace, like the catholic police officer, is a traitor and must die. Martin McGuinness must be a worried man. He has political power. Why does he not end segregated education?

How could Clinton be unaware of the lessons of American history? Americans once segregate black and white children. Great leaders rose from both black and white communities. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. They changed the law but they did not achieve racial integration. Black children, bussed to all white schools, where they tolerated racial slurs, being spat upon and kicked, achieved integration. Those black children showed they were people, who could be friends, even lovers. Children learnt in school that prejudices and do not belong in friendship.

Blair left a more terrible legacy. Blair fostered religious education throughout UK. Not only Catholic and Protestant but also Muslim and fundamentalist Christian, the latter imported from the USA. An education that denies objective knowledge and rational thought. An education that fosters ignorance, suspicion, and fear.

If we want peace for our children, we must stop the indoctrination of religiously segregated education.



  1. I just don’t get it. I am Roman Catholic Sicilian and I never wanted to force someone to believe exactly as I do. It’s sad that this neverending battle will be continued by the youth growing up in it.

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