Posted by: Martin Scherer | 20/03/2011

A royal wedding warms up.

That Dress……

The see-through dress that turned Prince William eye to the commoner, Kate Middleton, was sold this week for £78,000 ($125,000).
The guy who bought it wishes to remain anonymous. I hope it fits.

A walk around the estate

Prince William has been taking his future wife around the family estate – Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Royal Wedding Camping

Clapham Common will be used for Royal Wedding Day camping.

One can imagine the aristocracy jangling their diamante necklaces and sipping champagne, under tents.

Clapham Common is better known as a pick-up place for gays as used by a former socialist Secretary of State for Wales.

The name has nothing to do with the clap. The Clapham comes from clope (small hill) and ham (hamlet). Common land is given to the poor for grazing animals.

Famous people who lived around Clapham Common include:

• William Wilberforce the MP who tirelessly campaigned against slavery.

• Henry Cavendish the scientist who discovered hydrogen

• Samuel Pepys the 17th century diarist

and my sister!

In the common lies Cock Pond. Named after the Inn on the common called the Cock and recently renamed The Frog and Forget Me Not. What was that about kissing frogs?


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