Posted by: Martin Scherer | 09/03/2011

Lybia – America encouraged the Arab uprising

It seems one reason for the Arab uprising lies at America’s door.

When the USA and it allies pushed Saddam Hussein back out of Kuwait in the first gulf war, the allies were left with a choice. Stop at the Iraq border or march on and take the dictator out of Iraq. Bush Snr., decided to stop. Instead, the West encouraged Iraqis to stand up and demand their freedom. When they did, Saddam Hussein crushed the rebellion by gassing a million. The west stood by and watched.

It seems that after 9/11, Bush Jnr., concluded that was a mistake. Leaving Arabs to endure such dictators, merely created freedom fighters who turned their vengeance on the west. Bush Jnr., declared the US would stand by those seeking their freedom and behind the scenes Bush Jnr., pumped $millions into Arab freedom movements. On election, President Obama did nothing to stop that encouragement.

History is repeating itself. Gadhafi has sent in tanks and gunships to crush a movement armed with sticks and stones. Children are dying on the streets. If Gadhafi crushes the opposition movement encouraged by the USA, will the west pay again in terrorist attacks? Will there be another 9/11 in New York, 7/7 in London or another Madrid? Next time, will it be bombs on trains, planes into buildings or the horror that Hollywood has already envisioned – a weapon of mass destruction? The USA has been playing a dangerous game and the USA knows the stakes.

What is Obama doing? For many Obama seems to be hiding behind the skirts of a woman, Mrs. Clinton. Westerners may have learnt that a woman can be just as good a leader as a man, but the chauvinistic men of 3rd world countries have not. Arabs watched as the USA and allies march into Afghanistan and at the same time marched into Iraq with shock and awe. Yet now the USA is now finding every reason why it is impossible or too difficult to knock a few planes out of the sky. Do we really expect poor Arabs to believe that one?

What is the west doing? Freezing the Gadhafi’s billion, which merely admits the West has dirty money in its faults.

Maybe for the sake of friendship I should shut my mouth. However this is not America’s internal politics and when children are dying at the hands of a dictator using weapons supplied by the west, something tells America is not living up to it Christian ethics – Suffer the little children to come unto me.

Arab states have called for a no-flight zone. The UK is said to be prepared to go it alone. Even France is ready to make its contribution. The only legitimate authority in the US’s Republican Party is accusing Obama of being weak livered. What is Obama waiting for? The approval of China, Russia, and the Democrats?

The US is world’s greatest military power. Like it or not, the greatest power is inevitably the world’s policeman. The rest of the world will not act unless America agrees. The USA may have changed the definition of Empire, from land to economy, but the USA is the greatest Empire the world has seen. Throughout history, every empire has sought to end its day leaving the world a better place. What will America’s legacy be when its power wanes in favour of China? That it is OK to stand aside in the face of genocide?

America, lad by a Bush or an Obama, should not encourage others to rise up and seek their freedom unless they are willing to ensure it’s a fair fight. The only reason it is not a fair fight is because the West profiteered from selling tanks and planes to one side.

If Gadhafi succeeds in brutal suppression, the world is a risk of terrorist attack. If Obama is seen as a dithering Commander in Chief and that undermines his chances of winning a second term, America will pay a personal price.



  1. What would John Lennon have thought? Will we ever see peace? War is big business

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