Posted by: Martin Scherer | 02/03/2011

Crazy regulators on each side of the pond

Lets take a look at some

House foundations.

Dig down eight inches in Florida and you come to pure white sand. Its beautiful and so easy to dig with a spade. Dig down eight inches in the UK and you will come to heavy clay, or similar substrate, and its awful to dig out. In Florida house wall foundations are required to be eight inches deep. Yet in the UK foundations must be forty-two inches deep and if you hit sand at that depth you have to go deeper. Explain that one.

The concrete floor of a Florida house in four inches thick, on sand. The concrete floor of a UK house is six to eight inches thick.  

House electrics

  • In the UK you are not allowed to put a standard light switch in the bathroom but you are in the US
  • In the UK you are not allowed to put a power point in the bathroom but in the US you can.
  • In the US you are not allowed  a power circuit into a kitchen without a circuit breaker on one socket, but in the UK you can put as many as you like without a circuit breaker in any.
  • In the UK you can put power sockets anywhere you wish, but in the US you have to put one every six feet, whether you want it there or not.
  • In the US you must put a power socket outside at the front, but in the UK you don’t. 

There are three kinds of cable connectors. To avoid complication lets call them type A, B, C.

Type A is permitted in Europe and the US but not in the UK. So if you purchase a light fitting made in the US or Europe and it has one inside the light fitting, you can connect to it but you cannot put one outside the light fitting. You just must a type C fitting which is twenty times the size and costs twenty times as much.

Type B was invented in the US but is now frowned upon by US regulators, but the same connector is preferred by UK regulators.

I could go on but excuse me, isn’t this just a way of creating jobs for the boys?

Thirty years ago most offices and shops had water sprinkler systems throughout in case of fire. That was stopped when it became apparent they case more damage than they prevent and sprinkling water all over electrical goods like TVs and computers causes fire. Now the Welsh Assembly Government wants to have greater powers to determine what happens in Wales, independent of England. One of the powers that a Welsh politician wants is to force the installation of sprinkler systems in every new house. Crazy socialist politicians.

The European regulators recently brought in a raft of regulations to contain global warming. That has increased the cost of the average house by some £13,000 or $20,000. Whether the carbon save by all those materials is any greater than the carbon cost in their manufacture and transporter, is dubious.

To meet European recycling targets one city now transports its rubbish 150 miles to another city. The carbon cost vastly exceeds the carbon saved if all that rubbish was tipped in local landfill sites.


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