Posted by: Martin Scherer | 23/02/2011

Will the West march into Libya?

..That is a shocking question. Surely not. Not after the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan? Surely not.

If that is your view, you’ve got a problem. The Libyan freedom fighters are close to begging the West to save them. Does the West stand by and watch a genocide?

The West did once before. More than once. The Allies knew about the German extermination death camps and were asked to bomb them to end the Jewish misery. Churchill refused. The West stood by during the Ruanda genocide.

In the first gulf war, the West was faced with a question. In freeing Kuwait, did the west stop at the Iraqi border or march on to topple Sadam. Maggie Thatcher had no doubts, but by then the boys of her party had got rid of her. In her pace stood a bland non-decision maker, John Major. The decision not to march in was taken by Bush Snr.

That decision is considered by many to have been a mistake. Sadam went on to murder a million of his people by gassing them. The West should have known that was coming and knew when it happened.

The USA has always been ambivalent in its foreign policy. Clinton followed the non-interventionists approach. Blair promised to save the people of Kosovo and wanted Clinton’s support. Clinton refused. So Blair played a trump card and spoke direct to the American people. That was an astonishing move, but Blair succeeded. Had he failed, the history books would be very different.

Many people think Blair lamely followed Bush Jnr. into Iraq. Don’t believe it. Blair encouraged G.W.Bush into Iraq at a time when GW was lost for a 9/11 answer. Blair did not march into Iraq for fear of Iraqi missiles and weapons of mass destruction hitting Europe. That was palpable nonsense. Blair marched in with moral zeal to free the people of Iraq.

Blair wanted to change the UN. He wanted a UN that took the authority to determine that no country had any legitimate claim to sovereignty, whilst lead by a despot. Blair felt the UN had the responsibility to say, “You can’t do that.” If the UN failed, Blair was determined to act unilaterally. Someone has to lead. American has the power and awe. Brittan recognises itself to en the junior partner if the US says No, then No is the answer. Just as it was over Suez.

The Mediterranean countries now faced with mass exodus and threats to their power supplies will support. War, we all know diverts the public attention from internal problems. Those are endured by all Western leaders today. Liberation of the Arab states will lead to increased demand for western products. Oil prices will fall back.

If the west does not act decisively, Gadaffi might succeed. Liberation of Arabs will stop, Those who have succeeded will find they begin to loose out. North Korea, and numerous African, far eastern depots will feel emboldened. And the young will never forgive us. Oil prices will increase.

The circumstances are right. Someone must step up to be counted. Will Obama step up to the task? Will Europe go ahead without Obama? Will Europe go ahead without the UN? Or will the West risk watching another genocide or civil war.

After the Iraq war it was said, history would be kinder to G.W. and Blair. Whatever the outcome of Libya, the history books are being re-written as we speak.

Just Jack.



  1. Jack, you’ve been working hard and I’m admiring your new blog spot. Libyan problems don’t seem to feature much on the news in USA. I have to watch the BBC to get up to speed.

  2. Thanks, Jack. Enjoyed your post. It’s a tough question whether we (UK and/or US) should get involved in every such situation. There are so many of them. Maybe we should be focusing on our own messed up economies for awhile.

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